Meet Your Mentors


My name is Elena Saris.

I am a "mostly" retired criminal defense attorney. In 2013 I began to hear about people making money on the internet. I loved my job but after 20 years it was taking its toll on me. I dipped a toe in the "online income" waters in 2014. I read books, bought courses, attended conferences and through trial and error (no pun intended) I eventually found a path to success.

In 2017 I was able to retire from my rewarding, but stressful career and make my living online.

I began in E-Commerce, initially with POD stores, then moving on to Amazon FBA, dabbling in Amazon Wholesale and finally realizing true success with Drop Shipping and Shopify. As each platform changed, I recognized that diversification is key and I have worked since 2018 to create multiple streams of online income. Since then I have generated sustained monthly income from KDP, Affiliate marketing, Course Creation, Speaking and Coaching.

My unique background (which includes a stint as a stand-up comic) gives me the incomparable ability to entertain while educating and a true understanding of the struggles folks new to the online money-making space face.

Many coaches and teachers have "the curse of knowledge" and while they mean well, they are not skilled at teaching people who are starting from scratch. I am a non-techie luddite who until recently still had an operational rotary phone for a landline. I feel your pain. You can still do this, promise!


My partner in this venture is Todd Snively. Todd started his first conventional business back in 1983, and he has generated over 100 Million in revenue since then. He has been in the online income space since 2002.

While most think of him as "The Amazon Guy," the truth is he has six multi-million dollar online profit centers that have nothing to do with Amazon. His Amazon business is now 99% outsourced. This allows him to pursue his other online interests, and to be a part, with me, of building the finest make-money online community out there. I could not have hoped for a more successful and experienced partner to help lead this Mastermind.

I have known Todd almost since the day I began my online journey and have never met a coach or mentor more committed to the success of his students than Todd. His past students have generated millions of dollars of revenue in the Amazon and Affiliate spaces and our teaching styles complement one another perfectly.

Todd is an expert in all things "tech" and has filled our "Done For You" Library is with the exact templates, landing pages and funnels we use to drive traffic to our offers.

Why Join Our Mastermind?

The Ideal Mastermind

When Todd and I first discussed the idea of creating a Mastermind, we had one main goal: Create the Community we both wish we had available to us when we were first starting our online journey.

We literally brainstormed all the things we remember wanting:

A place where we could talk to folks who were already successful.

A place to meetup with others on our same path.

A place where we could find comradery and accountability.

A place where we could access resources to help us build websites, funnels and landing pages.

A place where we could actually talk live to mentors to get our specific questions answered.

A place where we could find guidance as to which programs, courses and events were worth our time and money.

A community where people helped each another and celebrated one another’s victories.

So that is what we built.

Bi-Monthly Q&A Calls

Meet with us twice a month via Zoom calls to get all your questions answered personally during these live sessions.

Whether you are brand new to the world of online income or you are well on your journey, we are here to answer any questions you have along the way. The beauty of having experienced mentors is that between Todd and I we have experience with nearly every money making platform online. We understand that the landscape is frequently changing. The rules change, new strategies are discovered, old strategies no longer work, advertising costs go up, new social media channels emerge. That is why a living breathing mastermind is needed, so we can all navigate the changes together.

Not a Course, a Community

The internet is filled with ads screaming about the “next big thing,” the “easy way to make passive income,” the only course you will ever need to make $10K/a month.” Some of them are worthy and many of them are scams.

Create Profits Online is not a “course.” It's true that inside our "Done For You" Library you will find tons of resources and tutorials on everything from building websites, getting leads to your email list, even getting traffic to your offers. But we offer much more than a one-off “how-to.”

We offer a Community.

If you have not made a dime online and want to learn a specific platform, we will guide you toward the right course offering and support you along your journey in that course. If you are a seasoned veteran, we will help you find new strategies within your chosen platform to scale your current income.

By creating an affordable community, we knew we could help so many more people than we could by creating a single pricey course. This project is in its infancy, which is a massive plus for you because it's what we call "almost free” (You might have to dig into your “coffee fund” but certainly not your savings account to join!) In another year, do not be surprised when the fee is ten times what it is now, but you are grandfathered in at whatever price you joined at, as long as you stay a member.

What's Inside

Within the Create Online Profits Mastermind, you’ll find like-minded entrepreneurs at all levels of their journey, some just starting out and some who have already made millions online. You will no longer have to go it alone. Engage with folks already using the platform you are considering, find an accountability partner, ask questions of the mentors and each other - any time, day or night as we have members from all over the world.

Join our Live Q&A calls every other week. See recordings of all past calls and if you can’t make it in person, drop us a note in the group and let us know what you would like us to discuss on the next call. Replays are available within hours of the calls ending.

Check out our “Done For You” Library filled with templates and funnels and email sequences you can copy as well as several courses such as Unraveling the Mysteries of WordPress, Personal Branding, Course Creation and many more.

In our Groups Section you can mingle with other mastermind members who are working on the same paid courses that you are working on, so you can get specific help with those courses.

Interested in a course or platform you have seen advertised online? Run across an asset you feel will benefit the entire membership? Let us know about it, and we'll make the investment and provide as much feedback and access as possible.

We are also continuously researching and purchasing agency rights to numerous products and done for you landing pages, etc., to shortcut your way to profitability. In short, your small monthly investment in this community will give you access to tens of thousands of dollars of access, training and resources.


If you join now, not only will you get in on the ground floor and be locked in at our introductory rate, but we will give you two weeks free to check out this amazing community for yourself.

Pop into our DFY Library and check out all the tools, courses and assets.
Jump on a Q&A call, ask a question, meet other members and get a lay of the
land. And checkout the one major opportunity that is skyrocketing this year

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completely free to learn.

Get a FREE copy of my book, Creating an Online Income Stream and Todd’s book
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for taking the time to check us out. You have nothing to lose and so much to
gain. We look forward to meeting you and helping you find success in your
online income journey!